The Io
T for smart building market is populated with small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) focused on innovational technologies. These companies are often closest to lớn the problems và can leverage their institutional knowledge base lớn provide real solutions using Io
T technology. Mạng internet of Things (Io
T) is a powerful tool for smart buildings. With Io
T implementation into your building’s systems, you can make it more efficient & reduce maintenance costs. With Io
T for your smart building system, you can also improve your customer’s experience & boost your company’s bottom line.

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Generally, a smart building is an accumulative notion that includes such smart building management systems as control systems, lighting systems, centralized automated control, & management system for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, và other building services. The Io
T technologies provide an opportunity for every element of a smart building (thing) & the entire smart building lớn enter the space of the Internet and exchange information with other things & systems. Smart building automation systems can significantly simplify data analytics, optimize energy use, and even improve such simple features as climate control or humidifier automation.


Speaking about Io
T applications in building systems we can also name a lot since there are many Io
T tools connected khổng lồ equipment monitoring, solutions enabling high-level security, and sensors monitoring energy use. Io
T technology can be applied in very different spheres of building management, which makes them that popular. Io
T for smart buildings can be as simple as a remote sensor that connects to existing meters. The Io
T platform for smart buildings, in turn, can be used lớn collect and analyze data from a wide range of sensors. This allows facility staff khổng lồ be familiar with Io
T data without the need to lớn change the way they vì things usually. Actually, the more devices you connect to lớn the cloud, the easier it will be to lớn manage a complex group of buildings.

One more large-scale application of Io
T in buildings is water control. Sensors attached to lớn water supply and consumption can help building owners lớn have a better understanding of water usage metrics & patterns can reduce waste và provide cost savings. These sensors contribute khổng lồ energy efficiency và the effective usage of exhaustible resources.

Smart building giải pháp công nghệ can also help you control your HVAC system. The giải pháp công nghệ can capture HVAC data such as flow rates and compressor run times. With advanced HVAC analytics algorithms, you can determine whether your building has any structural issues that require immediate attention. With these data, you can adjust the temperature, lighting, or other features in the facility. You can even customize these settings khổng lồ accommodate the needs of your tenants. A building with mạng internet connectivity can be highly customized to lớn the occupants.

Building automation & automated building control systems are nothing new – facility owners, operators và managers have long benefited from the operational và cost efficiencies of automating infrastructure such as security, lighting, heating, ventilation và air conditioning (HVAC), và more. Smart buildings, which connect building operations through the mạng internet of Things (Io
T), simplify tasks lượt thích controlling building temperature, security & maintenance through mobile devices and computers.

The types of Io
T sensors used in facilities management, building automation & smart building applications are limited only by your imagination. Prevalent use cases include:

Climate control, including temperature, humidity, vibration, etc.CO monitoring
Electrical usage
Fire detection
Heating, ventilation & air conditioning systems (HVAC)Lighting control
Predictive maintenance
Security & access control
Structural health
Water monitoring

Sensors are essential to making this possible, enabling collection and analysis of real-time data that can be used to:

Improve building energy efficiency và sustainability
Reduce maintenance costs with predictive maintenance
Optimize space utilization
Enhance tenant security, comfort and safety

The long range, low powerability for's Lo
Ra®wireless radio frequency giải pháp công nghệ to penetrate dense building materials, & long battery life make it the preferred công nghệ for Io
T-connected smart buildings. Operating in the unlicensed spectrum, the Lo
WAN® protocol delivers efficient, flexible và cost-effective connectivity for indoor and outdoor Io
T applications, operating seamlessly over public, private or hybrid networks. Lo
WAN is complementary to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Cellular.’s portfolio also includes electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection solutions, touchscreen controllers và isolated power systems to lớn automate lighting, heating, ventilation & more in connected smart buildings.

Discover our semiconductor solutions for your building automation & control system designs.


Companies worldwide recognize the value và efficiencies gained through building automation & control systems leveraging Lo

Use our semiconductors lớn design highly efficient & flexible building control systems such as:

Automatic door controls
Intrusion alarm sensors
Fire safety
Sprinkler control
Power load/rail switching
Input supply multiplexing

To get started, visit our Build vs. Buy: What’s Your Hardware Approach? to see what makes the most sense for your needs.

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Use the simplified block diagram below as a springboard for planning your own smart building sensors. You can explore available Lo
Ra and circuit protection options through product link below.